PHYSICS department of this college was a part and parcel of this institution right from the beginning. Generations of students got their first exposure of a laboratory, dedicated for exploring and verifying the principles of physical laws, from this department. The main laboratory is located at the ground floor of the main building of the college, though its electronics section is located at the first floor of the same building. The department initially was running an UG general course in Physics along with a +2 level course for years. But from 1996-97 it introduced the honours course as well. The HS level course was discontinued from the year 2000 onward. Though the students of this department came mainly from suburbs and rural areas in general with a lot of social disadvantages, the success rate of this department is almost 100% in the past decade. Almost at every year one or two students found themselves placed among the best lot within the University. Apart from class lectures and laboratory sessions, this department arranges regular tutorials and special contact hours even after the selection test examinations. Another recent feature added in the curriculum of this department is the introduction of monthly unit tests throughout the year to assess the progress of the students.


  • Apart from the regular classes the department organizes in-house seminars. The department encourage students to participate in the Students’ Seminars to enhance their communication skill. This year students’ seminar was held on 12th, 16th, and 19th September, 2015 which had been arranged for the 1st year students of this department.
    Topic Speaker Date
    Newton Laws of motion
    Rama Bhattacharya 12/9/15
    Thermoelectricity Syantani Haldar 12/9/15
    Application of Electrostatics
    Subeskha Banik 16/9/15
    Lens & Prism Parichita Bera 16/9/15
    Elastic Properties of Solids
    Swagata Samai 19/9/15
    Laws of Thermodynamics
    Arundhati Golder 19/9/15
    Surface Tension
    Tanusree Mandal 19/9/15
    Gauss’ Law of Electostatics
    Sayani Das 19/9/15
    Resonance Shreya Banerjee 19/9/15



    Students Corner:

    Assignment Sets for Puja Vacation, 2016

  • III(H)   Classical Maechanics, Special Relativity, Quantum Mechanics
  • II(H) Electromagnetic Theory, Steady Current & Magnetostatics
  • I(H) Mathematical Methods 1, Thermodynamics , Vectors & Mechanics
    Facilities Available for Students:

      1. Departmental Library having a good collection of text and reference books for Physics Honours Course, with reading room arrangement . It permits both day and home issue.
      2. The Department provides internet facility for getting news, announcements and resources of various Universities and Institutes all over the world.
      3. Discussion session with teachers about their progression.

    Teaching Staff:

    Dr. Sonali Saha Associate Professor More »
    Dr. Sankha Subhra Nag Associate Professor More »
    Dr. Manisha Pal Associate Professor More »
    Dr. Tapati Jana Assistant Professor More »
    Dr. Soumik Das Assistant Professor More »
    Dr. Enakshi Guru Assistant Professor More »
    Dr. Jayita Chattopadhyay Assistant Professor More »
    Mr. Avik Banerjee SACT-I More »
    Dr. Rajashri Bhattacherjee Acharya SACT-I More »
    Dr. Abhra Giri SACT-I More »
    Dr. Priyanka Maity
    Part Time Lecturer More »
    Mr. Abhijit SenGupta Graduate Laboratory Instructor More »


    Supporting Staff:

    Sumitra Basak Contractual Laboratory Attendant More »
    Sadhu Nayak
    Laboratory Attendant More »

    Courses Run by the Department:

    Departmental  Activities/Achievements:

    Invited Lectures & Seminars

    • A seminar organized by the department on The History of Calender with the eminent scientist and author Prof. Palash Baran Pal , SINP, Kolkata as the speaker in November 2003.
    • Extension lecture on the Introduction to Tensors arranged in April, 2004 which was delivered by Prof. Shibaji Banerjee, St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.
    • The Department organized a state level seminar “Shotoborsho Pore” celebrating the International Year of Physics in March, 2005 with eminent scientists Prof. Rajkumar Moitra, SINP, Kolkata,  Prof. Dipan Bhattacharya, SINP, Kolkata and Prof. Indrani Bose, Bose Institute, Kolkata as invited speakers.
    • Extension  lecture arranged on Special Theory of Relativity in January, 2006 which was delivered by Prof. Mallar Roy, Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur.
    • Extension  lecture arranged on Magnetic Properties of  Materials in February, 2006 which was delivered by Prof. Mrinal Pal, Burdwan University, Bardhaman.
    • A seminar organized by the department on Astrophysics of Active Galactic Nuclei in March 2011  with astrophysicist Prof. Tapas K. Das, HRI, Allahabad as the invited speaker.
    • A seminar organized by the department on Adventures in Particle Physics in February 2014 with Prof. Rajarshi Roy, Centre for Astroparticle Physics & Space Science, Bose Institute, invited as the speaker .
    • A national level one day seminar organised on Astronomy in February 2016.