Honours Syllabus (CBCS), Course Outcome (CO) and Program Specific Outcome (PSO)
Department Name Syllabus Link CO Link PSO Link
Commerce and Management Department of Business Administration Syllabus: Business Administration CO: Business Administration PSO: Business Administration
Department of Commerce Syllabus: Commerce CO: Commerce PSO: Commerce
Language & Literature Department of Bengali Syllabus: Bengali CO: Bengali PSO: Bengali
Department of English Syllabus: English CO: English PSO: English
Department of Hindi Syllabus: Hindi CO: Hindi PSO: Hindi
Department of Sanskrit Syllabus: Sanskrit CO: Sanskrit PSO: Sanskrit
Natural Sciences Department of Botany Syllabus: Botany CO: Botany PSO: Botany
Department of Chemistry Syllabus: Chemistry CO: Chemistry PSO: Chemistry
Department of Computer Application Syllabus: Computer Application CO: Computer Application PSO: Computer Application
Department of Computer Science Syllabus: Computer Science CO: Computer Science PSO: Computer Science
Department of Environmental Science Syllabus: Environmental Science CO: Environmental Science PSO: Environmental Science
Department of Food and Nutrition Syllabus: Food and Nutrition CO: Food and Nutrition PSO: Food and Nutrition
Department of Mathematics Syllabus: Mathematics CO: Mathematics PSO: Mathematics
Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Syllabus: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology CO: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology PSO: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Department of Physics Syllabus: Physics CO: Physics PSO: Physics
Department of Zoology Syllabus: Zoology CO: Zoology PSO: Zoology
Social Studies Department of Anthropology Syllabus: Anthropology CO: Anthropology PSO: Anthropology
Department of Economics Syllabus: Economics CO: Economics PSO: Economics
Department of Education Syllabus: Education CO: Education PSO: Education
Department of Geography Syllabus: Geography CO: Geography PSO: Geography
Department of History Syllabus: History CO: History PSO: History
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication Syllabus: Journalism and Mass Communication CO: Journalism and Mass Communication PSO: Journalism and Mass Communication
Department of Philosophy Syllabus: Philosophy CO: Philosophy PSO: Philosophy
Department of Physical Education Syllabus: Physical Education CO: Physical Education PSO: Physical Education
Department of Political Science Syllabus: Political Science CO: Political Science PSO: Political Science
Department of Psychology Syllabus: Psychology CO: Psychology PSO: Psychology
Department of Sociology Syllabus: Sociology CO: Sociology PSO: Sociology