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Since its creation on 14th of August 1956, with fewer than 50 students and very few teachers and staff, Sarojini Naidu College for Women, has evolved into a large multidisciplinary educational Institution providing quality education in regular and vocational streams to the thousands of students from the northern fringes of the city of Kolkata and its neighbourhood.
Today after 50 years our mission of spreading education to the socially and economically backward and deprived section of the population continues and when we look back we cherish the unequivocal support and dedication of teachers and staff members which have forever strengthened our resolve to give our best to the society.

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The College
SNCW is committed to ensuring students from all backgrounds achieve their full potential in various spheres of activities.
Orientation programme and opening of Classes for Semester I 2022-23: 22.09.2022
Students are encouraged to explore a wide range of outside interests, and students have achieved success in music, elocution and debating.


Disclaimer: The college recently noticed some misleading informations regarding this institution appearing in certain websites. This is to state that the college neither endorses nor holds any responsibility regarding the informations published in any website other than this present one, which is the official website of this college.


Founded on the 14th of August 1956 as a college dedicated to the rehabilitation of refugees, Sarojini Naidu College for Women is one of the premier institutions for women’s education in the northern suburbs of Calcutta. Initially affiliated to Calcutta University, it now enjoys affiliation under the West Bengal State University and offers quality education in Arts, Commerce, Science and Management streams.

Sarojini Naidu College for Women occupies extensive grounds near the heart of Calcutta and is situated amidst tranquil surroundings and boasts a well-stocked library.

Apart from Honours and General courses in different subjects, the college also presently runs postgraduate courses in Bengali, English, and Psychology. The college is also running a one-year PG deploma course in counseling affiliated to West Bengal State University in collaboration with Diksha and 2 years three diploma courses in Karate and Self Defence, Muaythai and Self Defense, and Judo and Self Defence Course in collaboration with Indian School of Martial Arts (ISMA)

SNCW is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, learning and understanding in the service of society. The college has a dedicated and sincere faculty for whom the general well-being of the students is of utmost importance.

While excellence in academics is prized, all students are encouraged to explore a wide range of outside interests, and students have achieved success in innumerable extra-curricular activities like music, elocution and debating.

Sarojini Naidu College for Women is committed to ensuring students from all backgrounds achieve their full potential in various spheres of activity and to this effect, ever since its establishment, students of SNCW have demonstrated academic talent and commitment irrespective of their social, religious or economic background.


MissionVisionObjectivesStrategic PlanBest Practices
By adopting a need-based approach, synthesis of academics and ethics, innovation in learning methods, and a diversified curriculum, the College aims at providing a learning environment that integrates body, mind, and spirit.

The College is committed to the highest ideals of collegiate education. It aims at the development of each student and focuses on a comprehensive and balanced education. The college strives to inculcate ethical and moral values in the students and encourages them to become integrated and wholesome individuals capable of handling their careers and lives effectively.

  • Develop, support, and deliver curricula, programs, and services designed to prepare our students for professional and personal success.
  • Attract, develop, and retain a diverse student population and promote its success.
  • Attract, develop, and retain highly qualified, diverse faculty and staff who are committed to our mission.
  • Ensure facilities and operations support our College’s current needs and anticipated growth.
  • Proactively position our College to communicate its value and benefits and build this identity and image among our many constituencies.
  • We continually strive to innovate – finding new and more effective ways to educate and serve students
  • We sustain rigor in our work – holding high standards and expectations for both our students and for ourselves
  • We approach our work with compassion – acknowledging the whole person, working with integrity and caring, accepting people where they are and moving them forward without sacrificing standards or expectations; bringing joy, honesty, and understanding to our work.
  • We will become known nationally as an institution that “makes a difference”
The college works with the following objectives.

  • To promote the integral and holistic growth of young minds.
  • To achieve academic excellence by making the teaching-learning process more meaningful.
  • To strengthen faith formation and reinforce ethical values with simplicity, honesty, hard work, and commitment.
  • To impart spiritual and academic training which would foster sound character building.
  • To develop critical thinking skills.
  • To instill in students a lifelong sense of participating and involvement in developmental endeavors.
  • To help students emerge as competent individuals capable of handling their careers and homes effectively.
  • To empower students with social skills to bring about personality development.
  • To train students for employment and entrepreneurship.
Strategic Plan of the College

Founded on the 14th of August 1956 as a college dedicated to the rehabilitation of refugees, Sarojini Naidu College for Women is one of the premier institutions for women’s education in the northern suburbs of Calcutta. Apart from Honours and General courses in Arts, Commerce, Science and Management streams, the college also currently provides Post Graduate courses in three subjects.

Our vision is to stand out as a pioneering institute for women in West Bengal by emphasizing on teaching-learning, training, research and other academic and co-curricular activities through innovation, diversity and flexibility. We will strive towards empowerment of all sections of women through value-based education.
Perspective Plan:
For the next five years the mission of the college is to further upgrade the infrastructure of the college as well as invigorate the existing skill/value added courses, basic arts and sciences and introduce additional, more innovative, inter-disciplinary programs/courses including PG courses.

Since its inception in 1956, Sarojini Naidu College for Women has grown in leaps and bounds in all aspects of education. “Students” are the primary focus of the Institution. Hence, to meet the changing demands of students, the Management has adopted a “student-centric approach”. The Management has taken the following efforts to improve facilities which would bring all round development of students and ensure their success:

  • Student intake in a few programs has been increased.
  • Staff intake has also increased as per requirement.
  • Infrastructure, in terms of classrooms has been enhanced. Laboratory infrastructure has been upgraded with respect to number of computers and software packages.
  • All college buildings and college hostel are wi-fi enabled.
  • Website has been updated.
  • Library resources, both physical and online, have been steadily growing. Reading room facilities have also been added.
  • Examination system is transparent.
  • Various Certificate courses are offered to the students. Students can choose courses as per their area of interest.
  • In order to make them employable, various skill enhancement and career guidance activities are organized.
  • In the area of Sports, the students are offered all possible support to participate in various games at District, State and National levels.
  • The College organizes activities which offer ample scope to inculcate the sense of social responsibility among students.
Best Practice: I
Title of the Practice: Sobujer Majhe (Green Campus Initiative)
The molecules of life are organized in a definite pattern to form cells, tissues, organs, system, and organism. An interaction of different organisms and with the surrounding environment forms populations, community and ecosystem successively and all form a biosphere in the planet. In order to maintain a balance and integrity between each of these components, our college has taken initiatives for maintaining a healthy ecosystem necessary for sustainable development of the society and environment.
Best Practice II
Title of the Practice: Flipped Classroom
Each department of the college organizes students’ seminars every year to observe Teachers’ Day on or around 5th September. Students are asked to prepare a presentation on a topic, mostly at popular level or related to their curriculum and deliver a lecture of 10-15 minutes duration. The best presenter is selected by each department and is awarded in the annual prize ceremony.