The Department of Sanskrit is as old as the College itself. Sanskrit  Pass courses had been introduced in the College since it made its debute in August 14, 1956.  In the year 1970, this department could enjoy the dignity of enrichment when the Honours course is introduced to help the aspirants dipping in the ocean of Surabharati i.e. Sanskrit.

Brilliant teachers ornated with the qualities of dedication, devotion perseverance and profundity in knowledge have endeavoured much through nurturing the character and career of innumerable students for years. Some eminent teachers who have contributed to the Department in the past include, Shanti Acharya, Bani Sinha Roy, Dr. Shukla Banerjee, Dr. Alaka Chakrabarty  and Dr. Balaram Mandal.

Faculty Members are enriched with requisite Qualifications as prescribed by the UGC. Students have all along maintained good result in the University Examination. Departmental Seminars are conducted in regular intervals. Sanskrit Department has got an well equipped library with books and periodicals.

Sanskrit learning Course is being conducted and sponsored by present teachers and duly approved by G.B of the college is introduced on November 2014 and still it is continued for academic progress of the student.


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Departmental Achievements:

Besides continuous excellent performance of the students in the University examinations, Rituparna Sikdar, one of the student of IIIrd year Honours has achieved 2nd position in a competition on the topic ‘Vivekananda’s thought on education’ which was held on 2013 in RKSM Vidyabhaban.

And the department of Sanskrit shall go on for years in search of Madhu, the nectar . “ Cearan Vai madhu Vindati” (Aitareya Brahamana)