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Dr. Sukanya Sarkar

Dr. Sukanya Sarkar

Sukanya Sarkar

Dr. Sukanya Sarkar


Associate Professor
Department of History



She is presently working as an Asssociate Professor in substantive post in the Department of History at Sarojini Naidu College for Women since 23.12.2000.She had been selected as one of the 15 winners of the 2020 Global South Travel Grant from the World Society Foundation and Council for European Studies and participated in the WSF-CES Global Digital Fellowship Program. As a fellowship recipient she participated in an International Conference Past, Present and Future of African Asian Relations,The University of Neuchatel 25.4.2019-27.4.2019 and presented a paper titled ‘Peeping at a Colony from a Colony: Africa in Bengali’s Perception’, She has completed UGC Minor Research Project entitled “Urbanization and Environment in Colonial Calcutta: Reflections in the Writings of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) and His Contemporaries” vide UGC F. No. PHW- 210/14-15(ERO) dated 03.02.2015.


Research areas of Dr. Sukanya Sarkar are as follows:

  • Environmental History
  • Colonial Period of Bengal
Currently, Dr. Sukanya Sarkar is teaching the following courses:

  1. History of India-I (From Earliest Times to c.300 BCE) (HISACOR01T)
  2. Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World (HISACOR02T)
  3. History of India-II (From c.300 BCE – ce.750 CE) (HISACOR03T)
  4. Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World (HISACOR04T)
  5. History of India-III(750-1206 C.E.)(HISACOR05T)
  6. History of India-VI(1757-1857 C.E.)(HISACOR10T)
  7. History of India-VII(1858-1947C.E.)(HISACOR12T)
  8. History of South East Asia-I (HISADSE01T)
  9. History of South East Asia-II (HISADSE02T)
  10. History of India-VIII(India since 1947C.E.)(HISACOR13T)
  11. History of India from Earliest Times upto 300 B.C.(HISGCOR01T)
  12. History of India from C. 300 to 1206 C.E.(HISGCOR02T)
  13. History of India from1206C.E.to1707C.E.(HISGCOR03T)
  14. History of India from 1707C.E.to1950C.E.(HISGCOR04T)
  15. History of Indian Journalism:Colonial and Post-Colonial Period (HISGGEC01T)
  16. Some Perspective of Women’s Rights in India (HISGGEC02T)
Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

  1. A chapter on Bronze Age in a book Prachin Viswer Samaj o Sanskriti,Santra Publication,ISBN978-93-86911-23-0 in 2018.
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