Narayan Nandy

Narayan Nandy

Assistant Professore

Assistant Professore
Department of History





He is presently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of History . He has published more than four articles in Various National and International Journals, published three books and presented four papers in National and International seminars.


My research area is History of freedome movement in North Bengal.

  • Jalpaigur
  • Shiliguri
  • Darziling

Currently, I am teaching the following courses:

  1. Reconstructing Ancient Indian History : Early Indian notions of History, Sources and tools of historical reconstruction.
  2. Slave society in ancient Greece
  3. Polis in ancient Greece.
  4. Emergence and Growth of Mauryan Empire : State, Administration,Ashoka’s Dhamma.
  5. Early mediaeval India : Varna,poliferation of jatie’s – changing norms of marriage and property.
  6. Religion and culture in ancient Rome.
  7. Evolution of Political structures of Rashtrakutas,Palas,Palas , Palas and Partihars.
  8. Studying Early Medieval India : Historical geography sources : texts, epigraphic and numismatic data Debates on Indian feudalism. Rise of rajputs,Political Structures : Cholas.
  9. Arab conquest of Sindh.
  10. Causes and consequence of early Turkish invasions :Mahmud of Gazni ;Shahab -ud – Din of Ghur.
  11. Sultanate Society and Economy.

Journal Articles

  1. Published a book as a co-author named Bharatiya Sabhyatar Bibartan:300B.C-750A.D Kalyani Publishers,ISBN978-93-5359-119-9.Dt.2019
  2. Published a book as a co- author named Viswa Sabhyatay Rome Arab, Kalyani Publishers,ISBN978-93-5359-137-3 .Dt .2019
  3. Published a book as a Co-author named Bharatiya Sabhyatar Bibartan:1526AD-1757 A.D Kalyani Publishers,ISBN 978-81-945098-2-0.Dt.2020.
  4. Published a paper named Banglar Mandir Sthapatye Shibnibas Mandir ,Itihas o Sanskriti,Vol.4,p-,July2018, ISSN No.2394-5737,pp132-140..
  5. Published an artcle ‘ Shibnibash Itihaser Ek Nirab Sakhyi ’ in a magazine named Kalyan edited by Koushick Chattapadhyaya ,published by Ramkrishna Mission Brahamananda College of Education . Rahara ,p.6-7.
  6. Published a paper namedBiplabi Nazrul O Biplab Manas,2020,Rupali,ISBN no.97893811693583-page 122.

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