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Narayan Nandy

Narayan Nandy

Narayan Nandy

Mr. Narayan Nandy


Assistant Professor
Department of History




He is presently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of History . He has published more than five articles in Various National and International Journals, published six books and presented seven papers in National and International seminars.He has published more then 30 Post-Editorial articles in Bengali Daily Newspapers .


Research areas of Mr. Narayan Nandy are as follows:

  • History of Freedome Movement in North Bengal
  • Jalpaiguri
  • Darjeeling
  • Alipurduar
Currently, Mr. Narayan Nandy is teaching the following courses:

  1. History of India-I (From Earliest Times to c.300 BCE) (HISACOR01T)
  2. Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World (HISACOR02T)
  3. History of India-II (From c.300 BCE – ce.750 CE) (HISACOR03T)
  4. Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World (HISACOR04T)
  5. History of India -III(750CE-1206CE)(HISACOR05T)
  6. History of India-IV(1206CE-1526CE)(HISACOR07T)
  7. History of India-V (1526CE-1757CE)(HISACOR09T)
  8. History of India-VI(1757CE-1857CE)(HISACOR10T)
  9. History of Modern Europe (1789 CE– 1919 CE) (HISACOR11T)
  10. History of India-VII(1858-1947)(HISACOR12)
  11. Aspects of the History of Modern South East Asia-I (HISADSE01T)
  12. History of Modern East Asia-I (1839CE-1919CE)(HISADSE04T)
  13. History of Modern East Asia-II (1919CE-1939CE)(HISADSE05T)
  14. History of India from the Earliest Times upto 300 CE (HISGCOR01T)
  15. History of India from 300 to 1206 CE (HISGCOR02T)
  16. History of India from 1206 to 1707 CE (HISGCOR3T)
  17. History of India from 1707 to1950CE (HISGCOR4T)
  18. Society and Economy of Modern Europe(15th-18th century)(HISGDSE01T)
  19. History of Indian Journalism:Colonial and Post-Colonial Period (HISGGEC01T)
  20. Some Aspects of European History: 1780-1939 CE (HISGDSE04T)
  21. Some Perspectives on Women’s Rights in India (HISGGEC02T)
  22. Archives and Museums in India (HISSSEC01M)
  23. Understanding Indian Art (HISSSEC02M)
Journal Articles

  1. Published a paper named Biplabi Nazrul O Biplab Manas,2020,Rupali,ISBN no.97893811693583-page122-134-
  2. Published an artcle Kumortulir kichu kotha,in a magazine named Sharodutsobe,Kolkata,2018,page-37-39
  3. Published a paper named Swadhinottor Pashimbange Udbastu Punorbasone Communistder Bhumika, Itihas o Sanskriti,Vol.5,p-,September2019, ISSN No.2394-5737,page194-201
  4. Published a paper named Banglar Mandir Sthapatye Shibnibas Mandir ,Itihas o Sanskriti,Vol.4,p-,July2018, ISSN No.2394-5737,pp132-140
  5. Published an artcle ‘ Shibnibash Itihaser Ek Nirab Sakhyi ’ in a magazine named Kalyan edited by Koushick Chattapadhyaya ,published by Ramkrishna Mission Brahamananda College of Education . Rahara ,p.6-7

Book Chapters

  1. Published a book as a co-author named Bharatiya Sabhyatar Bibartan:1526AD-1757 A.D Kalyani Publishers,ISBN 978-81-945098-2-0.Dt.2020
  2. Published a book as a co-author named Viswa Sabhyatay Rome Arab, Kalyani Publishers,ISBN978-93-5359-137-3 .Dt .2019
  3. Published a book as a co-author named Bharatiya Sabhyatar Bibartan:300B.C-750A.D Kalyani Publishers,ISBN978-93-5359-119-9.Dt.2019
  4. Published a book as a co-author named Samajbidya Itihas Reference (x), Parul Prakashani Pvt.Ltd.,Kolkata,Dt.2017
  5. Published a book as a main author named WB SLST History IX-X,Parul Prakashani Pvt. Ltd.,Kolkata,Dt.2016
  6. Published a book as a Solo author named WB SLST Itihas-(Hons./P.G.),B M.Publication,Kolkata,Dt-2016
  1. Member, Admission Committee
  2. Member, Student Welfare : Sports Committee
  3. Member, Student Welfare : Magazine Committee
  4. Member,Student Welfare : Remedial Course Committee
  5. Member, NSS Unit
  6. Nodal Officer-II: Student Credit Card,Govt.of West Bengal