Designation: State Aided College Teacher (Formerly Guest Teacher)

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D.

Institutional email: koley.nivedita@sncwgs.ac.in


Teaching Experience:

As a contractual full time teacher in the department of Zoology from 1st February 2011 to 31st December 2019 in Sarojini Naidu College for Women

As a SACT teacher in the department of Zoology from 1st January 2020 to till date  in Sarojini Naidu College for Women.

Teaching Module/Topic:

Course    Semester -1 Semester-2 Semester-3 Semester-4 Semester-5 Semester-6
Honours     CC1T:Life cycle and pathogenicity of Ascaris lumbricoides

CC1P:study of adult Ascaris and its life stages

    CC3T:Unit 3 Arthropoda

Unit 6 Echinodermata

CC3P: identification of Arthropoda and Echinodermata

CC5T: Unit 6


CC5P: Identification of Amphibia

CC7T: Unit 2 Carbohydrates

CC9T:Unit 3 Physiology of circulation

CC9P: Estimation of hemoglobin count

Recording of Blood pressure

CC11T: unit 1 nucleic acids

Unit 8: Molecular lab techniques

DSE Parasitology(T)

Unit5; Parasitic Arthropoda

Parasitology (P)Identification and study  of various arthropod parasites

General  Animal diversity(T)

Unit 6 To Unit 9







Physiology and biochemistry

Unit7   carbohydrate

Unit 8 Lipid

Insect, vector Dseases

Unit 6 Siphunculata

Unit7 Hemiptera




Applied zoology:

Unit 6,7 and 9

Practical identification

Immunology practicals : preparation of stained blood film

 ABO blood grp determination


Academic Interest:

Parasitology, Biochemistry and Haematology

Research Experience:

 Research Assistant: Worked as a research assistant in V.A Medical Health Care System Boston, MA (USA)

Title: Studies on distribution and molecular interaction of  orexin  receptor in rat urinary bladder .

Research Fellow: J.B. Roy Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata.


1. Maity CR, Maity SC , Pradhan B, Banerjee S, Koley Nivedita , Banerjee and Ghosal SK. Scanning electron microscopy of the intestine of normal and lasix treated rat : a preliminary report, Bull RGKMC Vol 5 , No.1 March 2000

2. Peter .M. Jones, C.R.Maity, S.k.chatterjee, Nivedita Koley, H Asare Anane, T.Biswas, K.Roy, S.J.Persaud, Arun.K.Chatterji London,United Kingdom, Calcutta, India,Neenah, WI Gymnema sylvestreExtracts stimulate Insulin Secretion In Vitro and In Vivo:A potential Phytopharmacological Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes.A Journal of theAmerican Diabetes Association. Abstract Book 67th Scientific Sessions Friday,June 22-June26,2007.

3. A.Al Romaiyan, B.Liu, H.Asare-Anane ,C.R Maity, S.K. Chatterjee, Nivedita Koley,T.Biswas , A.K. Chatterjee, G.C Huang, SA Amiel, S.J persuad and PM jones , A novel Gymnema sylvestre extract stimulates insulin secretion from human islets in vivo and in vitro. Published  online in Wiley Interscience:10,1002/ptr.3125 Phytother Res.(2010)

Abstracts presented national and international conferences:

  1. Nivedita Koley, Utpalendu Jana, Brajo Dulal Chatterjee, Tuhin Kanti Biswas. Anti-hyperglycaemic effect of Gymnema sylvestree in streptozotocin induced two animal model
  2. Nivedita Koley, SK Chatterjee, CR Maity, Utpalendu Jana, Brajo Dulal Chatterjee, Tuhin Kanti Biswas. A clinical studies with the Gymnema sylvestree on Type 2 Diabetes obese patient: special emphasis on weight loss.
  3. Peter. M. Jones, C.R.Maity, S.K.chatterjee,Nivedita Koley, H Asare-Anane, T.K. Biswas, K.Roy, S.J.Persaud, Arun.K.Chatterji. Gymnema sylvestre Extracts stimulate Insulin Secretion In Vitro and In Vivo: A potential Phytopharmacological Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes. A Journal of the American Diabetes Association. Abstract Book 67th Scientific Sessions Friday, June 22-June 26, 2007. 1 paper presented in conference

Certificate course Attended:

  1. Completed certificate course on “ Preparing Animal Protocol  for Research on Rat ”at VA Health Care System, Boston, MA(USA)
  2. Attended an Animal Research Facility Training conducted by Boston health care Research Service .