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Govt Sponsored, Estd. 1956, UGC

NAAC Re-accredited with Grade "A" (3rd Cycle)

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Sangita Ghosh

Sangita Ghosh

Sangita Ghosh

Mrs. Sangita Ghosh


State Aided College Teacher
Department of Chemistry



Sangita Ghosh was born in Cooper’s Camp, a notified area authority, Ranaghat(p.s),dist-Nadia.Then she completed her schooling from Basirhat,North 24- Parganas. After that she completed her graduation from Calcutta University, in 2010. Then completed her master’s in chemistry(inorganic special) from West Bengal State University in 2012. Then she had done bachelor of education (B.Ed,2014) from West Bengal State University. From Nov 2013 she joined Sarojini Naidu College for Women as a guest lecturer. She joined Jadavpur University for pursuing her Ph.D degree under the supervision of prof. Chittaranjan Sinha. She has been designated as State Aided college teacher since Jan 2020.


Research areas of Mrs. Sangita Ghosh are as follows:

  • Design and synthesis Schiff base and sense a toxic CN- and its application in MTT assay, and cell imaging
Currently, Mrs. Sangita Ghosh is teaching the following courses:

  1. Chemical periodicity, Acid base reaction,CEMACOR03T
  2. Radioactivity, weak chemical forces, metallic bond, CEMACOR06T
  3. Chemistry of s &p block element, noble gas,inorganic polymer, CEMACOR09T
  4. Chemistry of d&f block element, CEMACOR11T/Bioinorganic chemistry, CEMACOR13T.
Journal Articles

  1. Trace level CN- measurements by turn-on emissions using coumarinyl- Benzothiazolyl Schiff base probe in living and non-living environment, journal of the Indian chemical society.

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