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Beats-Vol1 Issue1-March 2014

Beats-Vol1 Issue1-March 2014

The Beats of Natural Sciences

 ISSN 2348 – 7615

Volume I, Issue 1
Spring Number (March), 2014

From the Desk of the Editors:

ISSN 2348 – 7615

Teachers in higher education are expected not only to be narrators but also to be practitioners of modern development of their respective subjects. This is true even to a greater extent in the field of natural sciences where almost everyday new facets of nature unfurl themselves. On the other hand, particularly in recent years, policy makers in education are putting comparatively greater thrust to enhance the research and innovative teaching activities particularly among college teachers. Within various shortcomings regarding infrastructure, facilities, excessive teaching load etc, from the very early days a number of college teachers, particularly in Bengal, contributed substantially in the field of natural sciences along with the University teachers and researchers in the premier scientific institutes. Father Lafont, J.C. Bose, P.C. Roy, P.C. Mahalonobish, A.K. Roychaudhury etc. are only few names among them, who also maintained strong academic connections with the scientists in other categories of institutions. To boost up this heritage, “The Beats of Natural Sciences” is a small effort to act as a platform to ….
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Brief reports of original research works:

  • Gravitational Instability in the Presence of Primordial Fully Tangled Magnetic Fields
    Suparna Roychowdhury and Rajesh Gopal Download Full Paper

  • Effect of intermittent doses of glucose solution on blood lactic acid during endurance performance
    Swapan Kumar MridhaAryya Mitra and Sanjib Ghoshal Download Full Paper

  • Kinetics of Water Desorption in Select Marine Ferromanganese Crust Materials
     Tapati Jana Download Full Paper

  • DC Conductivity of Fe2O3-TeO2 Amorphous Films Prepared by Vapor Deposition Method
    Manisha Pal Download Full Paper

Review on current frontiers or historical milestones :

  • Understanding of ‘Addiction’ at Cellular Level in Relation to Behavioural Epigenetics 
    Shaoni Bhattacharjee and Jana Chakrabarti Download Full Paper

  • Aphid Pest Management with Neuroptera (Insecta)
    Santi Ranjan Dey Download Full Paper

  • Folk Rice Varieties and Cultural Heritage
    Mitu De  Download Full Paper

  • Moulik Konar Sondhane- Otit Theke Bortoman
    Sonali Saha Download Full Paper

Innovative Ideas on Research and Teaching Methodology

  • Dilemma of A Chemistry Teacher
    Sudeshna Chatterjee Download Full Paper

Students’ Project Reports

  • A Double Pendulum: Fringing into Non-Linearity
    Sharmistha Sen Download Full Paper


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