The Beats of Natural Sciences

ISSN 2348 – 7615

Volume II, Issue 4

Chill Number (December), 2015

From the Desk of the Editors:

ISSN 2348 – 7615

The last issue of the present volume is being published. The present issue consists of six articles covering different areas of science. The first two contributions are coming under the category of original research reports. Three among the rests are review articles on different fields of scientific research. Apart from these, this issue is particularly enriched more due to a contribution in another section of this journal i.e. “The interface – science, environment and society”. We express our earnest gratitude to the authors from different institutions of higher education and to the readers of this journal….
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Brief reports of original research works:

  • Investigation of a New Water Soluble Trinuclear Copper(II) Complex with Partial Cubane Cu3O4 Cores: Synthesis, Structure and DNA Binding Affinity
    Gopal Chandra Giri [dropdown_box expand_text=”Abstract” show_more=”View” show_less=”Hide” start=”hide”]A new water soluble trinuclear Copper(II) complex K[Cu3(cbal)3(μ3-OH)(H2O)] has been synthesized in good yield via the reaction of an unsymmetrical amino dicarboxylic ligand, N-(2-carboxybenzomethyl)-β-alanine (H2cbal), Cu(ClO4)2∙6H2O and K2CO3 in methanol at room temperature. The complex has been characterized by several analytical techniques including single crystal X-ray crystallography. The X-ray crystal of complex shows that one Copper(II) ion is in a distorted square pyramidal geometry, the other Copper(II) ions are in a distorted trigonal bipyramidal and a distorted octahedral geometry forming a scalene triangle. The complex contains a partial cubane [Cu3O4] core consisting of the trinuclear [{Cu(cbal)}3(μ3-OH)]¯ unit. Complex is investigated for its binding affinity towards CT-DNA in aqueous medium at pH~7.5 using UV-vis and fluorescence spectroscopic techniques.[/dropdown_box] Download Full Paper
  • Comparative Study of Interaction of Lithium, Sodium and Potassium Ions with Water Molecules
    Sumana Sarkar [dropdown_box expand_text=”Abstract” show_more=”View” show_less=”Hide” start=”hide”]The study of ion-water interaction employing theoretical models is of significant interest in various research fields. In the present study, structural features and energies for three series of ion-dipole clusters have been investigated, namely, Li(H2O)n+, Na(H2O)n+ and K(H2O)n+ ions (n = 1-3). The results reveal that the influence of lithium ion on water is comparatively greater than sodium and potassium ions. [/dropdown_box] Download Full Paper

Review on current frontiers or historical milestones:

  • Antibacterial Activity of Lawsonia inermis : An Overview
    Madhushree Das Sarma [dropdown_box expand_text=”Abstract” show_more=”View” show_less=”Hide” start=”hide”]aasLawsonia inermis Linn., commonly referred as ‘Henna’ is a well-known plant, is widely distributed in the tropical countries of North Africa and South East Asia. The plant has been used over centuries for herbal medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Henna is also a pharmacologically important plant with significant in vitro and in vivo biological activities. Almost a hundred phytochemicals have been identified from different parts of this plant, in which main dyeing principle lawsone, a naphthoquinonoid compound has been linked to many of the biological activities of this plant. This review focuses mainly on the antibacterial activity of the plant vis-à-vis lawsone.[/dropdown_box]Download Full Paper
  • Revolution of Transgenic Fish and its impact on Aquaculture and Biodiversity
    Shrabani Barun [dropdown_box expand_text=”Abstract” show_more=”View” show_less=”Hide” start=”hide”]Transgenic fish can be produced by transferring foreign DNA into developing embryos via microinjection or electroporation. Administration of mammalian or recombinant fish growth hormone (GH) to Juvenile fish resulted in significant growth enhancement. By introducing desirable genetic traits into fishes, mollusks and crustaceans, superior transgenic strains can be produced for aquaculture. The ultimate aim is to produce a better quality fish for food to benefit humans although the adverse effect of transgenic fish into native habitat is now a subject of research.[/dropdown_box]Download Full Paper
  • Seasonal Occurrence and Altitudinal Distribution of Neuroptera (Insecta) in Uttarakhand, India
    Santi Ranjan Dey [dropdown_box expand_text=”Abstract” show_more=”View” show_less=”Hide” start=”hide”]Temperature stratification at different altitude in different seasons has influence on hibernating and non-hibernating stages of Neuropterans depending on their developmental threshold temperature. This study is a comprehensive account of the seasonal occurrence and altitudinal distribution of Neuroptera associated with aphids of Uttarakhand, India. Their frequent association with aphids and carnivorous nature offers a better scope to the people for deploying some of these insects in biological control measures.A total of 26 species of Neuroptera were found to be associated with aphids. They are distributed under 4 families and 13 genera. The species diversity of the Chrysopidae family was highest. As Neuroptera are useful insects in the biological control of aphids, inferences from this type of investigation may prove to be beneficial in formulating integrated pest management (IPM) strategies.[/dropdown_box]Download Full Paper

The interface — science, environment and society:

  • Assessing Attitudes of Undergraduate College Students Towards Differently Abled Students
    Mitu De [dropdown_box expand_text=”Abstract” show_more=”View” show_less=”Hide” start=”hide”]3rd December is a United Nations sanctioned day which aims to promote an understanding of people with disability and encourage support for their dignity, rights and well-being. Nowadays differently abled students are increasing in numbers in higher education. The prevailing characteristics of the environment (climate), particularly in the classroom, affect students’ success, especially for students with disabilities. To better understand the role of attitude and its impact on the capacity of persons with disabilities to fully participate in community life, it is necessary to assess attitudes. The present investigation is based on assessing the attitude of undergraduate college students towards individuals with disability and how they recognize fellow students with disability. The primary aim is to learn more about the way undergraduate students generally view individuals with disabilities and feel about interactions with this population. Socio-demographic data about gender, age, type of residential area and college disciplines was also collected to measure the possible impact of these characteristics on student attitudes. Most students reported positive attitudes and interactions with students with disabilities.[/dropdown_box]Download Full Paper


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