Ankira Sanyal


Ankira Sanyal


College Librarian



I am presently working as a College Librarian, in the Department of Library at Sarojini Naidu College for Women since 14th December, 2016. Previously I was a School Librarian at Serampore Union Institution in the period between 2014 July to 2016 December. Before that time I had served as a Library trainee and Library project assistant at Bose Institute and Indian Statistical Institute respectively. I had done my Bachelors degree with Zoology Hons. from MUC Women’s College Burdwan in the year 2009. In 2011, I had completed my Masters degree in Rural Development from Visva Bharati University. I had done Bachelors of Library and Information Science from Burdwan University and Masters of Library and Information science from Kalyani University. I had Cleared SET examination in December 2014. By securing 1st position in the College service commission examination, I am appointed as a College Librarian here. I have 5 Published papers in Various National and International Conferences and 1 Published paper in a national level journal, Published by Jadavpur University. I have presented 3 papers in various national and international seminars, one of them had been accepted by The World Science Congress organized by Jadavpur University in the year 2018.


Obtained M.Phil from Jadavpur University in 2020.

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