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Dr. Suchismita Sinha

Dr. Suchismita Sinha

Suchismita Sinha

Dr. Suchismita Sinha


State Aided College Teacher
Department of Psychology



She is the , Faculty and former Head of the Department,
Department of Psychology.
Sarojini Naidu College for Women, Kolkata.
She is also a consultant Psychologist practicing for the last 21 years.
She is also the President of Institute of Stress Management, Kolkata.
She is the approved guide for Ph.D and post graduation students of IGNOU and Annamalai University.
Is the Visiting faculty at ERAA, Institute for radio anchoring and acting.
She is a core committee member of the reputed NGO, Search Within that focusses on psychoeducation and spiritual upliftment of individuals at all social levels.
Receiver of International Scientist Awards in Engineering Science and Medicine for Best Faculty 2022.
Receiver of the Dynamic Professor of the year award at International Excellence awards Gurgaon (December 2022)
Recipient of Research Excellence Award from INSC.
She has presented and published various research papers on stress, hypnotherapy,pcos ,organisational behaviour in various reputed national and international journals.
She is one of key persons in Lincoln Research and Publishing limited, Australia.
Member of VDGOOD Professional Association.
Fellow Member of
InSC (membership ID INSC20226948)
Has been chosen as examiner and head examiner and moderator both for State University and Calcutta University numerous times.
Been chosen as esteemed examiner for public service commission exams,i.e, West Bengal Civil Services Examation Main for the last 4years.
Has conducted numerous workshops and seminars on Stress Management for top ranking Government officials both at the State and Central level( includes GSI direstors to WBCS officers ,auditors etc).
Also invited by reputed private companies like Tech Mahindra to conduct sessions on occupational stress.
She had been invited to deliver lectures and chair sessions at various national and international seminars.
Invited by National and private television channels for talk shows on mental health.


Research areas of Dr. Suchismita Sinha are as follows:

  • Stress Management
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Job satisfaction
Currently, Dr. Suchismita Sinha is teaching the following courses:


  1. Introduction to Psychology ( PSYACOR01T/P)
  2. Psychology of Individual differences (PSYACOR03T/P)
  3. Development of psychological thought (PSYCOR06T/P)
  4. Developmental Psychology (PSYACOR09T/P)
  5. Understanding psychological disorders (PSYACOR11T/P)
  6. Clinical Psychology (PSYADSE01T/P)
  7. Health and well being (PSYADSE03T/P)
  8. Understanding and dealing with psychological disorders (PSYACOR13T/P)
  9. Counselling Psychology (PSYACOR14T/P)
  10. Developmental Psychology: Contemporary Approaches.(PSYADSE05T/P)
  11. Media Psychology (PSYADSE06T/P)
  12. PG

  13. Cognition ( Departmental 1 ..101)
  14. Personality theories (Departmental 2 …102)
  15. Clinical Psychology l (Departmental 8…203)
  16. Stress Management (Departmental SEC)
  17. Clinical Psychology ll ( Departmental 11 ….301)
  18. Adult Psychopathology (Departmental 13 …302)
  19. Diagnostic Psychometry (Departmental 14….308)
  20. Internship clinical ( Departmental 15…309)
  21. Neurodevelopmental disorders and their management.( Departmental 12…312)
  22. Psychotherapeutic interventions ( Departmental 17…402)
Journal Articles

  1. Patra, D , Neelakandan R &Sinha, S . (2022). The concept of Job engagement in the work place. Universe International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research. (Peer Reviewed Referred Journal), 2 (8). UIJIR | ISSN (O) – 2582-6417
    Impact Factor: 2.2
    Hard copy to be procured
  2. Patra, D, Neelakandan R &Sinha, S. (2021). The role of hypnosis in handling job related stress and anxiety at the work place. International Journal of Current Advanced Research. 10 (A). Impact Factor 6.614
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    Hard copy to be procured
  3. Patra, D, Neelakandan R &Sinha, S. (2021 ). The role of Hypnosis in handling psychosocial stress of employees at the workplace. In Poddar, S. & Others (Eds.) Human Resource Management and Mental Health – A Psychosocial Aspect. Lincoln Research and Publishing Limited, Australia in collaboration with Lincoln University College, Malaysia.
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  7. Patra, D, Neelakandan R &Sinha, S (2018). The Art and Science of Hypnotherapy in the treatment of Stress. (Paper Presentation). ISMA. 5th International Conference on Stress Management (Assessment-Intervention-Technologies – Professionalism) (ICSM 2018), International Stress Management Association, 10-11 November, 2018.
    Published in Compilation of Paper Abstracts.
  8. Patra, D, Neelakandan R & Sinha, S (2018). Clinical Hypnotherapy – A very Indian Approach to Holistic Mental Health and Treatment. (Paper Presentation). Annamalai University, Department of Psychology International Seminar on “Trends in Clinical Psychology”, 14-15th March 2018.
  9. Other Publications

    1. Patra, D, Neelakandan R & Sinha, S (2021). Yoga Nidra and hypnosis: a bridge between Eastern mysticism and Western psychotherapy.
      Awaiting publication: Veda Samskruti Samiti
    2. Patra, D, Neelakandan R,&Sinha, S (2021). Therapeutic application of principles of Positive Psychology in Hypnosis
      Awaiting publication: positivepsychology.webinar22
    3. Patra, D Neelakandan R &Sinha, S (2021). Yoga and Hypnotherapy: Powerful healing modalities for the future. UIJIR. 2 (4). Pp.105-112.
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    4. Patra, D, Neelakandan R & Sinha, S (2020). Hypnosis for young students with abusive past.
      Awaiting Publication InSPA Journal.
    5. Patra, D, Neelakandan R &Sinha, S (2021). The Dilemma of an Indian Counsellor practising online. In Dr. P.Pachaiyappan and Dr. T. Ramkumar (Eds.), Recent Trends in Online Teaching & Learning (pp.186-205). Akinik Publications.
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    6. Patra, D ,Neelakandan R & Sinha, S (2019). Role of Hypnosis in treating Adolescents in grief and bereavement. (Paper Presentation). Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhi Nagar: 9th InSPA International Conference on School Psychology: Empowering Professional Skills and Competencies, Indian School Psychology Association, 14-16 Nov, 2019.
      Published in Book of Abstracts InSPA, pp.84
    7. Patra, D, Neelakandan R, & Sinha S (2018). Clinical Hypnosis as a tool for treatment of children having suicidal and self-harm inclinations (Paper presentation). Department of Psychology and Para Psychology, Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam. 8th INSPA International Conference on School Psychology: Broaden the Horizon: Towards Achieving Excellence in Children, October 11-13, 2018
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    8. Patra, D, Neelakandan,R & Sinha, S (2019). Hypnotherapy as a solution in handling stress amongst children from Cyberbullying. (Paper Presentation). Annamalai University, Education Department, Annamalai University, IMPRESS – ICSSR sponsored Two-day National Seminar, “Education on Digital Culture and Social Media.
      Published in Conference Journal
    9. Patra, D , Neelakandan R & Sinha, S (2018). Clinical Hypnosis as an Effective Integrative medical treatment amongst Adolescents for Behavioural modifications. (Paper Presentation). Department of Psychology, National Seminar on Adolescent’s Behaviour: Care Vs Concern. Sponsored by ICSSR, NRC,
      Received Best Research Paper Award
      Published in Conference Journal.
  1. Health care
  2. Research and Ethics
  3. Parents Liaison