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Ms. Sahanara Khatun

Ms. Sahanara Khatun

Sahanara Khatun

Ms. Sahanara Khatun


Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy



Sahanara Khatun is presently working as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in Sarojini Naidu College for Women, Dumdum, Kolkata. She completed her graduation from CSSM under the University of Calcutta and M.A degree from the University of Calcutta. At present she is pursuing her Ph. D. from RGU. Her keen area of interest is mainly Epistemology and Metaphysics in the perspective of Western Philosophy. She has published some research articles in national journals and also presented research papers in various national and international conferences.


Research areas of Ms. Sahanara Khatun are as follows:

  • Modern Western Philosophy
  • Medieval Islamic Philosophy
  • Epistemology
  • Metaphysics
Currently, Ms. Sahanara Khatun is teaching the following courses:

  1. Western Logic-I (PHIACOR02T)
    1. Basic concepts – Propositions, Propositional Form, Argument and Argument form, Truth functional connectives, Truth and Validity.
    2. An overview of Traditional Laws of Logic, Boolean interpretation of Categorical Propositions and consequences, Syllogism, Venn Diagram.
    3. The Method of Truth Tree as decision procedures; Tautologous, Contradictory and Contingent by Truth Tree method; Consistency by Truth Tree method.
    4. Method of Deduction – I.P. and C.P.
  2. Western Logic-II ((PHIACOR04T)
    1. Induction: Mill’s Method and Copi’s Criticism.
    2. Induction per simple enumeration, Analogical Inference
    3. Criteria of Scientific Hypothesis.
    4. Probability: Alternative Conceptions of Probability, Probability Calculus, Joint Occurrences and Alternative Occurrences.
  3. History of Western Philosophy -II ((PHIACOR05T)
    1. Lock – Ideas and their classifications, Refutation of Innate Ideas, Substance, Locke’s Realism and theory of knowledge, Primary and Secondary Qualities.
    2. Berkeley
    3. Hume
    4. Kant
  4. Social and Political Philosophy – Western (PHIACOR08T)
    1. Concept of Social and Political Philosophy.
    2. Basic concepts
    3. Social Change
    4. Family
  5. Western Epistemology and Metaphysics (PHIACOR13T)
    1. Knowledge
    2. Theories of Truth
    3. The problem of Induction
    4. Realism, Idealism and Phenomenalism
    5. The Problem of Universal
    6. Causation Theory
  6. Elective Logic (PHIADSE01T)
    1. Set Theory
    2. Quine’s Method of Resolution
    3. Quine: Method of Logic
Journal Articles

  1. Descartes and Al-Ghazali: Syllogism in Knowledge of Certainty.
  2. The Role of Dreaming Argument in the Philosophies of Descartes and Al-Ghazali.
  3. The Relation Between Freedom of Will and Power: In Al-Ghazali’s View

Book Chapters

  1. Religion: An observation from Idealistic Perspective
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