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Dr. Nibedita Pal

Dr. Nibedita Pal

Nibedita Pal

Dr. Nibedita Pal


Associate Professor
Department of History



She is an Associate Professor in the Department of History at Sarojini Naidu College for Women. She joined the College in 2002 and is serving the College till date. She graduated in History Honours from Presidency College and completed her Master degree in Modern History from Calcutta University. She pursued her M.Phil degree from the same University and her dissertation’s title is’ Resumption of Rent-free lands:Its Socio-Cultural Implications in the Nineteenth Century.’ She has completed her P.hd dissertation from Visva-Bharati. The title of research is ‘Perceptions of Indian Social Institutions by Non-Official Europeans in the 19th Century’.
She has acted as Counselor in History at both U.G and P.G level in Netaji Subhas Open University and Indira Gandhi National Open University. She has published her articles in both National and International Journals. She has been co-authors of books at U.G and P.G level.


Research areas of Dr. Nibedita Pal are as follows:

  • Perceptions of Indian Social Institutions by Non-Official Europeans in the 19th Century
  • Gender Studies
  • Gerontology
Currently, Dr. Nibedita Pal is teaching the following courses:

  1. History of India-I (From Earliest Times to c.300 BCE) (HISACOR01T)
  2. Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World (HISACOR02T)
  3. History of India-II (From c.300 BCE – ce.750 CE) (HISACOR03T)
  4. Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World (HISACOR04T)
  5. Rise of the Modern West- I (HISACOR06T)
  6. Rise of the Modern West-II (HISACOR08T)
  7. History of Modern Europe (1789 CE– 1919 CE) (HISACOR11T)
  8. Trends in World Politics (1919 CE-2001 CE) (HISACOR14T)
  9. History of South East Asia-I (HISADSE01T)
  10. History of South East Asia-II (HISADSE02T)
  11. History of India from the Earliest Times upto c.300 CE (HISHGEC01T)
  12. Some Aspects of European History: c.1780-1939 CE (HISGDSE04T)
  13. History of India from c.300 to 1206 CE (HISHGEC02T)
  14. History of India from 1206 to1707CE (HISHGEC03T)
  15. History of India from 1707 to 1950 CE (HISHGEC04T)
  16. Archives and Museums in India (HISSSEC01M)
  17. Understanding Indian Art (HISSSEC02M)
  18. History of Indian Journalism:Colonial and Post-Colonial Period (HISGGEC01T
  19. Some Perspective on Women’s Rights in India (HISGGEC02T)
Journal Articles

  1. Reinvigorating Indian Economy as visualized by Swami Vivekananda in Post Pandemic Phase: A Postulation in Economic Crisis and Mentality of Youth in Post-Pandemic Period ed by Sagar Simlandy, 2021,published by PS Opus Publications, New Delhi. ISBN 978-81-947318-3-2
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  3. Sister Nivedita and Female Education in India : The Saga of a Lone Crusader in Savita Mishra and Amit Bhowmick ed Education and Women Empowerment, 2021,published by ABS BOOKS, Delhi.ISBN 978-93-97229-77-8
  4. ‘Women in Mid-Adulthood: Crisis vs Creativity published in Amit Bhowmick and Elias Olukorede Wahab ed “Women in Changing World, Issues and Challenges, in 2020,by Mittal Publications, New Delhi,ISBN 81-8324-982-5
  5. Revolt of 1857 in Memsahib’s Memoirs published in Ratna Ghosh ed The Study of Social History, Recent Trends, Vol II,in2015 by Progressive Publishers,Kolkata,ISBN 978-81-8064-210-4
  6. Rabindranather Kabya Natya Kahini: Dharma,Vivek O Manusatter Ak Anabadya Chitrayan in Debabrata Biswas ed Rabindra Natya Charcha in 2015, published by Pragya Bikash, Kolkata, ISBN 978-93-83016-42-6
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  15. Perception of Indian Womanhood: Non-Official Europeans vis-a-vis Swami Vivekananda in Evolving Horizons, An Interdisciplinary Journal of Education, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol-III,in2014, published by Satya Priya Roy College of Commerce,Kolkata ISSN NO.2319-6521
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Book Chapters

  1. Bharatiya Sabhyatar Bibartan:Prak Likhan Yug theke Prak Gupta Yug in2019 by Dr.Nibedita Pal and Prof. Azizul Biswas,Part 1 in 2019,published by Kalyani Publishers, New Delhi.ISBN 978-93-5359-686-6
  2. Bharater Sambidhan O Sasan Byabaster Patha Parikrama in2014 by Dr.Soma Ghosh, Dr.Nibedita Pal and Rakhee Bank in 2014, published by Progressive Publishers, Kolkata.ISBN 978-81-8964-246-3
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