Sarojini Naidu College for Women

Affiliated to West Bengal State University

Govt Sponsored, Estd. 1956, UGC

NAAC Re-accredited with Grade "A" (3rd Cycle)

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Suranjana Ray Halder

Suranjana Ray Halder

Suranjana Haldar

Dr. Suranjana Haldar


State Aided College Teacher
Department of Zoology



Dr. Haldar is a graduate from Bramhananda Keshab Chandra College in Zoology Hons in the year 2002 and MSc in Genetics from Calcutta University in the year 2004. She is a NET LS qualified candidate. She is also a PhD from Dept of Plant Biotechnology Unit in University of Calcutta in year 2012. She got her post doctoral fellowship in clinical biochemistry in the year 2015 under Dr. D. S. Kothari Postdoctoral fellowship scheme. She was appointed as management approaved guest lecturer in sarojini naidu College for Women in 10 th July 2019. In 2020 Dr. Haldar got appointment as SACT1 and remains attached in the college till to date.


Research areas of Dr. Suranjana Haldar are as follows:

  • Molecular Biology
  • Plant Biotechnology
Currently, Dr. Suranjana Haldar is teaching the following courses:

  1. Cell Biology (ZOOACOR04P)
  2. Chordates (ZOOACOR05T)
  3. Physiology (ZOOACOR06T)
  4. Biochemistry (ZOOACOR07T)
  5. Biochemistry (ZOOACOR07P)
  6. Comparative Anatomy (ZOOACOR08T)
  7. Immunology (ZOOACOR10T)
  8. Genetics (ZOOACOR12T)
  9. Genetics (ZOOACOR12P)
  10. Developmental Biology (ZOOACOR13T)
  11. Developmental Biology (ZOOACOR13P)
  12. Developmental Biology (ZOOACOR14P)
  13. Animal Diversity (ZOOGCOR01P)
  14. Physiology and Biochemistry (ZOOGCOR02T)
  15. Physiology and Biochemistry (ZOOGCOR02P)
  16. Insects, Vectors and Diseases (ZOOGCOR03T)
  17. Physiology and Biochemistry (ZOOGCOR03P)
  18. Physiology and Biochemistry (ZOOGCOR03P)
  19. Applied Zoology (ZOOGDSE01T)
  20. Applied Zoology (ZOOGDSE01P)
  21. Immunology (ZOOGDSE04T)
  22. .

Journal Articles

  1. Int. J. of Curr. Res. Cancer Stem Cells: It’s Future Perspective by Defining its Radiation Sensitivity and Resistivity through Differentially Regulated Expression of Micro-RNAs.
  2. American J Biomed and Life Sc. Correlation between serum PON1 ARylesterase activity and rs 854573 A>G polymorphism with type2 diabetes in an eastern Indian cohort
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  4. J Exp Inter Med. Oxidative stress: Lipid peroxidation products as predictors in disease progression
  5. Cytologia. Chromosome and Marker based genome analysis in different species of Asparagus

Book Chapters

  1. Human Security in the context of Sustainable Urban Development in India
  1. Cultural Committee