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Mala Bose

Mala Bose


Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D, F.H.S.

Teaching Experience: 28 years

Institutional email:

Teaching Module/Topic:




HONOURS Non-Chordates I



Platyhelminthes, Aschelminthes

Cell Biology



Cell Division, Cell Cycle and Cancer







Nucleic Acids

Comparative Anatomy


Respiratory System, Urinogenital System




Immunology of Diseases,


Molecular Biology


DNA Replication, Transcription




Sex Determination

GENERAL Insect Vector and Diseases CC3

Dipteran as Disease vectors

Applied Zoology DSE1

Introduction to Host Parasite Relationship, Parasitic Protozoa,Parasitic Helminthes



Academic Interest: Medical Parasitology, Helminthology, Vector Biology and Microbiology

Research Experience: 5 years (JRF, SRF) + 2 years (UGC M.R.P) + 2 years (UGC M.R.P)

Area of Research: Parasitology, Helminthology and Biochemistry


PublicationsPresentationsOther Academic Activities
    1. Book: Parasitoses and Zoonoses. Kolkata: NCBA, 2017, ISBN: 978-93-5255-048-7.
    2. Book: Cell Biology CBCS. Kolkata: Techno World, 2020, ISBN:978-93-88347-53-2.
    3. Book: A Modern Approach to Parasitoses in Progress.
    4. Book edited: Contemporary Health Issues and Environmental Impact(2018) Edited by Mala Bose, Soma Aditya Bandyopadhyay and Sandeep Poddar. Published by Lincoln University College.
    5. Member of Editorial Board International Journal of Advancement in Life Sciences Research (IJALSR) Online ISSN: 2581-4877

    Paper Published.

    1. “Mechanism and Pathway of glucose transportation in a digenetic trematode Ceylonocotyle scoliocoelium”. Folia parasitologica 37: 151-156;
    2. .”Glycolytic enzyme in a trematode Ceylonocotyle scoliocoelium”; Environment & Ecology 8 (i) : 459-460; 1990.
    3. “Phosphatases in an Amphistome Trematode Ceylonocolyte scoliocoelium”.Environment & Ecology 8 (1) : 447-449; 1990
    4. “Transaminases of an amphistome trematodeCeylonocotyle scoliocoelium”; Environment and Ecology 7(4): 969-970; 1989.
    5. Trace elements in a nematode and a trematode species. Indian Journal of Helminthology.6(1), 9-12; 1989
    6. “Some biochemical observation on the cuticle of Ascaridia galli( Nematoda; Heterakidae)” .  Indian Journal of Helminthology5(2), 47-49; 1988.
    7. “14 C-Glucose uptake in a digenetic trematode Ceylonocotyle scoliocoelium from the microenvironment bearing variable Hydrogen ion concentration.”  Impacts of Environment on Animals and Aquaculture. 145-147, 1990.
    8. “Emission spectroscopic studies on the inorganic elements of three avian filarids. ” Proceedings of Second National Convention of Young Scientists. 56-59, 1986.
    9. “Trace Elements in the body of nematode parasites play a vital role in physiology, metabolism and immune mechanisms.” Indian Journal of Parasitology.
    10. “14 H Lysine uptake in a spirurid nematode Neocamellanus singhi (Ali, 1957)”. Proceedings of the National Seminar on Management of Fisheries in Open Water System of India, 1989.
    11. “Hookworm Infestation and Anaemia among Primary School Children”. Zoological Research in Human Welfare. 285-289, 2008.

Presented paper at various conferences held in various Universities  and Institutions  like the University of Meerut, Kakatiya  University, University of Calcutta, University of Kalyani, University of Burdwan, Central Inland Capture Fisheries Research Institute etc.

  1. 3H- Lysine uptake in Strongyluris bengalensis Chakraborty 1936 (Nematoda Heterakidae)..
  2. Comparative study of three basic organic constituents in two gastrointestinal helminthes.
  3. Comparative study of glucose uptake in three gastrointestinal helminthes.
  4. “14 C-Glucose uptake in a digenetic trematode Ceylonocotyle scoliocoelium from the microenvironment bearing variable Hydrogen ion concentration.”
  5. 3H Lysine uptake in a Spirurid Nematode Neocamallanus singhi (Ali,1957).
  6. Hookworm Infestation and Anaemia among Primary School Children.
  7. Mechanism and pathway of glucose transportation in parasitic trematodes.
  1. Participated in various workshops, such as Food Safety, Biotechnology etc.
  2. Workshop on practical teaching in zoology
  3. Participated in a Summer Institute on Aquaculture.
  4. Completed UGC- funded research project on”Comparative study on Hook worm infestation among Primary School Children Population in Urban Slum and a Rural Community at Burdwan West Bengal”.
  5. Completed UGC-funded research project on “Study of the Nutritional and Haematological status of different Gastrointestinal Parasitoses among Primary School Children Population in Slum areas of Sunderbans”.
  6. Co-PI in AINP on Mariculture Project.
  7. Member of Board of Studies in WBSU.
  8. Acted as Member of Board of Studies in BU from 2012 to 2016.
  9. Life Member, Zoological Society, Kolkata.
  10. Fellow & Life Member, Helminthological Society of India.