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Dr. Barnali Manna

Dr. Barnali Manna


Designation: State Aided College Teacher

Qualification: M.Sc. B.Ed., Ph.D.

Teaching Experience: 12 yrs 6 months

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She is a faculty of Department of Zoology since 2015. Prior to this she served as Guest faculty in post graduate department of Fisheries under West Bengal University of Fisheries and Animal sciences. Served more than five years as teaching faculty in various undergraduate colleges under University of Calcutta and University of Burdwan .She received her PhD from Aquaculture Research Unit, University of Calcutta and  completed Masters from Kalyani University. Before that she was actively involved in a project based on Ecology and Mathematical modelling in Indian Statistical Institute. She also guided few students in their Post graduation Dissertation also.

Teaching Module/ Topic:




CC2: Population Ecology

CC3T: NonChordates


Evolutionary significance of Molluscan larva

CC5T: Aves

CC5P: Lab/Field study of Birds

CC7T: Biochemistry


SEC:Aquarium Fish keeping

CC8T: Comparative Anatomy of Chordates






Hypothalamo-hypophyseal axis


ADSE6T: Wildlife & Conservation Practices in India

Ecology Practical

General GEC01T: Kingdom Protista, Phylum Porifera, Cnidaria, Ctenophora GEC2T:


Soil parameter study Fish Genetics Immunology


Research Area: Larvivorus & ornamental fish biology in respect to mosquito control & habitat heterogeneity, Freshwater & Marine plankton identification & their biology.


Academic Interest:

Ornamental fish behavior, Foraging & feeding behavior of ornamental larvivorous fish, Plankton culture, Plankton identification.


Research Experience:

Research Level Supporting Agency Name Duration  Place of work
Project Assistant Institutional Fellowship Jan 2004 to Nov 2005 Agricultural & Ecological  Research Unit,ISI,Kolkata
University Research Fellow Institutional Fellowship From  Dec 2005 to Feb 2009 Aquaculture Research Unit,Ballygunge Science College, C.U.
Junior Research fellow UGC-RFSMS From March 2009 to Mar 2011 Aquaculture Research Unit,Ballygunge Science College, C.U.
Senior Research Fellow UGC-RFSMS From April 2011 to March 2012 Aquaculture Research Unit,Ballygunge Science College, C.U.



PublicationsPresentationsOther Academic ActivitiesAdministrative Activities
  1. Manna B. Aditya G,Banerjee S..Vulnerability of the mosquito larvae to the guppies(Poecilia reticulata) in the presence of alternative preys, Journal of Vector borne diseases, Vol 48(3):200-206; 2008.
  2. Manna B. ,Banerjee S.,Aditya G .Chattopadhyay J.Study of marine planktonic diversity in the Digha coast,Bay of Bengal, Proceedings of the dimensions in Zoological Research in Human Welfare, 2008.
  3. Manna B. Aditya G, Banerjee S.Habitat Heterogeneity and prey selection of Aplocheilus panchax: an indigenous larvivorous fish, Journal of Vector borne diseases,Vol 45(3):144-149; 2011.
  4. Manna B. Aditya G , Banerjee S. Population surveillance of Poecilia reticulata in Kolkata,India: Implications in mosquito regulation. Vector Biology Journal, 2016.1:3,DOI: 10.4172/2473-4810.1000113.

Invited Speaker: Participated as Invited speaker in an International seminar on Recent Advances in Life Sciences organized by Department of Zoology, Sree Chaitanya College, Habra on 24th February,2024.


  1. Poster presentation in an International Seminar on “Recent Developmental Trends in Biological Research organized by  Acharya Prafulla Chandra College in collaboration with IQAC of APC College on 15th July,2023.
  2. Paper presentation in International Conference on Aquatic Resources and Sustainable Management, Science City, Kolkata, February 17-19, 2016.
  3. Poster presentation in XIth International Symposium of Vector and Vector borne diseases held at Regional Medical Research Centre for Tribals (ICMR) in the occasion of 100 years of Biomedical Research, Jabalpur on 15th-17th October, 2011.
  4. Poster presentation in Xth International Symposium on Vector and Vector Borne Diseases organized by Goa University and National Institute of Malaria Research from 4th-6th Nov, 2009 at Goa.
  5. Oral presentation in the seminar for the selection of Sudeb Bhusan Ghosh Young Scientist Award held on 11th Dec, 2010 in the department of Zoology collaboration with The Zoological Society, Kolkata.
  6. Oral presentation in the National Seminar on Dimensions in Zoological Research in human Welfare held on March 23rd-25th, 2007 in the Department of Zoology, University of Calcutta.
  1. Participated in the Workshop on “Advanced Methods of Field Biology and Statistics for Life Sciences Research” held on from 10th-21st Oct,2014, Zoological Society, Kolkata, IAPQR & CU.
  2. Participated in the workshop on “Application of Statistics in Life Sciences” on Sep 25-27, 2013, Zoological Society ,Kolkata, IAPQR,& Dept. of Zoology, CU.
  3. Participated in International Seminar named “International Conference on Biodiversity: Issues & Concerns” organized by Biological Sciences Division of ISI, Kolkata during 21-23 November, 2007.
  4. Life Member, National Academy of Vector Borne Diseases (NAVBD).
  5. Life Member, The Zoological Society, Kolkata.
  6. Completed NPTEL-AICTE Faculty Development Programme on ‘Basic Course in Ornithology'( Funded by the MoE,Govt. of India) with a consolidated score of 72% during Jan-Apr,2022(12 week course).
  7. Served as one of the Course Coordinators of an online Certificate Course on  Biodiversity & Conservation, “Nurturing Biodiversity for a Sustainable Future” of  30 hours duration offered by the department of Zoology, Sarojini Naidu College for Women from 14th March to 14 th May,2022.
  8. Participated in two day workshop on “Analysis of Statistical data & use of R-Code”funded by SERB,DST,Govt. of India organized by Dept of Statistics, Bidhannagar College from 17th to 18th November,2022.
  9. Completed First Degree course in Graphology offered by Kolkata Institute of Graphology from July to September,2022.
  10. Served as Examiner in UG-CBCS SEM3  Honours Examination of W.B.S.U..
  11. Served as Examiner in UG-CBCS SEM5  Honours Examination of W.B.S.U..
  • Served as a Member of Cultural Committee, Sarojini Naidu College for Women from 2022 till date.
  • Served as a Member of Wall Magazine Committee, Sarojini Naidu College for Women from 2022 till date.