Sarojini Naidu College for Women

Affiliated to West Bengal State University

Govt Sponsored, Estd. 1956, UGC

NAAC Re-accredited with Grade "A" (3rd Cycle)

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Dr. Rupa Bandyopadhyay

Dr. Rupa Bandyopadhyay

Rupa Bandyopadhyay

Dr. Rupa Bandyopadhyay


Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics



Education Qualification:
Ph.D, Department of Mathematics, Burdwan University,

NET(CSIR) held on 31.12.1989

M.SC, I.I.T. Kharagpur(Recipient of Institute Silver meldel)


Research Experience: Research scholar, in Dept. of Mathematics till 1997

Currently, Dr. Bandyopadhyay is teaching the following courses:

  1. MTMACOR02T-Linear Algebra
  2. MTMACOR03T-Real Analysis
  3. MTMACOR05T-Real Analysis
  4. MTMACOR09T-Multivariate Calculus
  5. MTMACOR10T-Linear Algebra
  6. MTMACOR13T-Metric Space
  7. MTMACOR14T-Linear Algebra
  8. MTMADSE03T-Probability & Statistics
  9. MTMGCOR01T-Differential Calculus
Journal Articles

  1. R. Bandyopadhyay, Semi Closure in Bitopological Space, Bull. Cal. Math. Soc., 86 (1994), 555 – 564.
  2. R. Bandyopadhyay, Arzela Ascoli Theorem in a Bi-quasi Pseudo Metric Space, Bull. Cal. Math. Soc., 87 (1995), 29 – 38.
  3. R. Bandyopadhyay, Fixed Point Theorems of a Multivalued Mapping in a Bi-quasi Metric Space with an Application in a Dissipative Dynamical System, Bull. Cal. Math. Soc., 88 (1996), 523 – 534.