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Dr. Nandini Chakravorty

Dr. Nandini Chakravorty

Dr. Nandini Chakravorty

Dr. Nandini Chakravorty


Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics



Qualification: M.Sc,Ph.D.

Teaching experience: 18 years (Previously served as a part-time lecturer in the Department of Mathematics ,Vidyasagar Evening College,Kolkata for 5 years, Bethune College, Kolkata for 1 year and in the UG & PG classes of the Dept. of Economics , Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata for 4 years.)

Academic Interests:

  • Earthquake Engineering and Soil Mechanics.
  • Graph Theory.
  • Computer Programming.

Area of Research: Elasticity and Plasticity.

Teaching Modules/Types :

Course 1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Honours Co-ordinate Geometry 2D & 3D, Vector Algebra & Analysis Co-ordinate Geometry 2D & 3D, Dynamics Statics, Hydrostatics, Numerical Analysis, Computer Programming
General Co-ordinate Geometry 2D Co-ordinate Geometry 3D, Numerical Analysis Discrete Mathematics
Journal Articles

  1. N. Chakravorty, Torsional Vibration of a Transversely Isotropic Non-homogeneous Cylinder, Bull. Cal. Math. Soc., 80 (1988), 197 – 203.
  2. N. Chakravorty, Disturbance in a Non-homogeneous Elastic Medium by a Twisting Impulsive Force, Ind. J. Pure Appl. Math., 19(9) (1988), 915 – 926.
  3. N. Chakravorty, Buckling of a Non-homogeneous Deep Beam Under a pair of Balancing Couples, Ind. J. Theo. Physics, 37 (1989).
  4. N. Chakravorty, Twisting of a Non-homogeneous Circular Cylinder Embedded in a Resisting Medium, Ind. J. Theo. Physics, 38 (1990).
  5. N. Chakravorty, Stresses in a Non-homogeneous Earth Model with a Rigid Core, Bull. Cal. Math. Soc., 82 (1990), 174 – 181.
  6. N. Chakravorty, Twisting of a Non-homogeneous Circular Cylinder, Ind. J. Theo. Physics, 39 (1991).
  • Presented paper at an international seminar in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,  Benaras Hindu University.