Utpal Ghosh

Mr. Utpal Ghosh


State Aided College Teacher
Department of Computer Science





Mr. Utpal Ghosh is currently working as a State Aided College Teacher in the Department of Computer Science at Sarojini Naidu College for Women, since January 2020. Previously, He served at this college, as a Management Approved Part Time Teacher from July 2019. Mr. Ghosh completed his MCA and M.Tech(CSE) from the Department of Computer science and Engineering, University of Kalyani, Nadia, in 2017 and 2019 respectively.
He is currently working on his Research fields to achieve a Ph.D. award from West Bengal State University.


His research activities includes Wireless Mobile Communication, Cloud Computing, Bio-inspired Computing.
More precisely, his interesting fields are:

  • Next Generation Wireless System
  • Satellite Communication
  • 5G Non-linear Communication

Currently, Mr. Utpal Ghosh is teaching the following courses:

  1. Computer Fundamental(Code: CMAACOR02T)
  2. Discrete Structure(Code: CMAACOR07T)
  3. Operating System(Code: CMSACOR06T, CMSACOR06P)
  4. Computer Fundamentals(Code: CMAGCOR01T, CMAGCOR01P)
  5. Database Management Systems(Code: CMAGCOR02T, CMAGCOR02P)
  6. Computer Networks and Internet Technologies(Code: CMAGCOR03T, CMAG03P)
  7. Multimedia Systems and Applications(Code: CMAGCOR04P)
  8. R Programming(Code: CMSSSEC02M)
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  1. “Next Generation Wireless and Mobile Systems: Handoff Related Issues”, Lambert Academic Publishing(LAP), ISBN No: 978-620-2-67110-1, June, 2020. [Authors: Mr. Utpal Ghosh, Dr. Debabrata Sarddar, Dr. Rajat Pandit]
  1. Member of Academic Administration
  2. Member of Web-based Students’ Management