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The Beats of Natural Sciences

ISSN 2348 – 7615

Volume III, Issue 3-4

Combined Festival-Chill Number (Sept-Dec), 2016

From the Desk of the Editors:

ISSN 2348 – 7615

We would like to apologise for the delays in the publishing process in recent times. This time we are going to publish Issue No. 3 and 4 of Beats, Vol. 3, combined together; as we failed to publish the received papers of one issue in time, due to certain technical problems. In this combined issue, six articles are appearing distributed in four different categories; two research reports, two review articles, one in innovative idea of research and teaching methodology and rest belongs to the interface — science, environment and society. We hope this issue will attract attention from our readers …


Download pdf: From the Desk of the Editors

 Brief reports of original research works:

  • Frequency of β (Beta Thalassaemia) Trait and Haemaglobin E (HbE) Trait: Case Study in a Thalassaemia Carrier Detection Camp in Gurudas College, West Bengal, India
    Mitu De Download Full Paper
  • Impact of the Grandchild’s Autism Diagnosis on the Grandparent: A Case Study
    Mitu De, Naureen Huda, Vandana Kumar, Ranjana Chakrabarty, Chandrani Chakraborty and Indrani Basu Download Full Paper

Review on current frontiers or historical milestones:

  • Green Leafhopper (GLH), Nephotettix Virescens (Distant) and Rice Tungro Disease (RTD)
    Santi Ranjan Dey Download Full Paper
  • Obesity – One of the Leading Cause of Type II Diabetes Mellitus: A Review Work
    Nivedita Koley Download Full Paper

Innovative idea on research and teaching methodology:

  • Reduced Mass – An Alternative View
    Jayeeta Chowdhury and Arup Roy Download Full Paper

The interface — science, environment and society:

  • Role of Health Information Sources in Breast Cancer Awareness
    Swati Ghosh Download Full Paper

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