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The Beats of Natural Sciences

ISSN 2348 – 7615

Volume III, Issue 2

Monsoon Number (June), 2016

From the Desk of the Editors:

ISSN 2348 – 7615

This is the second issue of the current volume which is supposed to be published within the month of June. But due to various technical problems in our website emerged out from some uncalled for incident, we were forced to reconstruct the webpage of the previous issue. As the University examination process swung into full fledged mode just after that, we had no other option but to wait for another month or so. Anyway this issue is being published as the June issue though it is formally launched just prior to the Nagasaki day.

This issue consists of six articles covering three categories of our journal …

Download pdf: From the Desk of the Editors

Brief reports of original research works:

  • Field Emission of High Energy Electrons in 1 + 1-Dimension from the Strongly Magnetized Neutron Star Poles
    Sutapa Ghosh and Somenath Chakrabarty Download Full Paper

Review on current frontiers or historical milestones:

  • Behavioural Ecology of Red-Whiskered Bulbul as Observed Locally in Halisahar, West Bengal, India
    Sonali Bhattacharya and Sudipta Majumdar nee Paul Download Full Paper
  • Premature Ovarian Failure : An Overview
    Soma Aditya (Bandyopadhyay) Download Full Paper
  • Rice Landraces
    Mitu De Download Full Paper

The interface — science, environment and society:

  • Community -Based Management Approaches : Towards Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation
    Supatra Sen Download Full Paper
  • Towards Awareness of Sustainable Life-Styles : A Comparative Survey Between Urban-Rural Secondary Students
    Banani Mitra and Supatra Sen Download Full Paper

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