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The Beats of Natural Sciences

ISSN 2348 – 7615

Volume II, Issue 1

Spring Number (March), 2015

From the Desk of the Editors:

ISSN 2348 – 7615

This journal now steps into its second annual volume. Though we are striving for maintaining the production quality of this journal at a certain standard, due to absence of any dedicated editorial staff it is becoming increasingly difficult. The bibliographic index of the first volume has not yet been ready, but it will be published shortly. But the source of our strength is the support we are getting from the numerous contributors and well wishers of this journal. In every month we are receiving a number of submission in varying fields of science which we try to accommodate. Though we do not have a formal peer review system, for each submission we try to gather opinion of the researcher/ academician working in the related fields. Then before acceptance we usually do a technical check from the perspective of the final production. In this process the contributors are often communicated for any change if we feel necessary. The support and enthusiasm we are getting in the whole process from all who are concerned is quite inspiring. But being a journal published by a college and managed only by its faculty members, side by side their teaching and other academic loads, ‘The Beats’ is still suffering form some obvious shortfalls. But …

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Brief reports of original research works:

  • Role of disorder in the two-site Holstein model with double exchange
    Jayita Chatterjee Download Full Paper
  • Empowerment of parents of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through parent training and intervention program
    Mitu De, Vandana Kumar, Naureen Huda, Ranjana Chakrabarty and Indrani Basu Download Full Paper
  • Status of Predatory Ichthyofauna Diversity of Malda and Murshidabad District of West Bengal: An Approach towards Biodiversity Management
    Jhilik Das, Meghna Saha and Santi Ranjan Dey Download Full Paper


Review on current frontiers or historical milestones:

  • A Review on Organometallic M(I)–M(I) Single Bonded Chemistry of Group 2 and 12 Metals
    Surajit Jana Download Full Paper
  • Enchanting Islands : Insular Biology Revisited
    Supatra Sen Download Full Paper
  • A Review on Applications & Advantages of Cryopreservation in Different Fields of Science
    Shrabani Barun Download Full Paper



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