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Urgent Notice: Compulsory English (ENGLCOR02T) examination

Students appearing for Compulsory English (ENGLCOR02T) examination of Semester II are hereby asked to join Google classroom using the code: wtlccet within 4/12/2020. Students appearing for MIL English/ AECC2/ English Communication for General and Honours Students in Arts, Science and Commerce (ENGSAEC01M), need to join another Google classroom using the code: bhqlxvs within 4/12/2020. Those […]

Physics with animations.

Click any link from the list below and download the corresponding html file before opening it in an internet browser to run the animation. Coupled oscillators.


ZOOA_SEM2_COR03T-WVS starfish-NK ZOOA_SEM2_COR03T_Mollusca-SAB ZOOA_SEM2_COR03T_Respiration in Arthropoda-KD ZOOA_SEM2_COR03T_Respiration in Mollusca-BM ZOOA_SEM2_COR03T_Vision in Arthropoda-KD ZOOA_SEM2_COR04P_Onion root tip mitosis-AM ZOOA_SEM2_COR04T_Cell cycle and Cancer-MB ZOOA_SEM2_COR04T_Endosymbiont theory-SB1 ZOOA_SEM3_COR05T_Parental Care in Amphibia _ NK ZOOA_SEM3_COR05T_Parental Care in Fishes-BM ZOOA_SEM3_COR07P_Protein estimation-SRH ZOOA_SEM3_COR07T_Enzymes-SRH ZOOA_SEM4_COR08T_Brain in vertebrates-SB1 ZOOA_SEM4_COR08T_Dentition-PM ZOOA_SEM4_COR08T_Jaw suspension_SAB ZOOA_SEM4_COR09P_CC10P_Practical _Blood Group-AM ZOOA_SEM4_COR09T_Renal Physiology-KD ZOOA_SEM4_COR10T_Immunology-SB1 ZOOA_SEM4_COR10T_Vaccines-MB ZOOA_SEM5_COR11T_Nucleic Acid-MB ZOOA_SEM5_COR12T_Conjugation-SRH ZOOA_SEM5_COR12T_Linkage-AM ZOOA_SEM5_COR12T_Mutation-BM ZOOA_SEM5_DSE2_Hormones-SAB ZOOG_SEM2_COR02T_Proteins […]

A presentation authored by Dr. SOMA ADITYA (BANDYOPADHYAY), Associate Professor in Department of Zoology. Click here to open it. SPECIES CONCEPT

Virtual Lab on Electricity & Magnetism

Download from the link locations at your device before running To study characteristics of CR circuit (Version 1). To study characteristics of CR circuit (Version 2) with ‘Instructions‘. To determine the self inductance of coil using Anderson bridge. To verify Thevenin’s theorem and Norton’s theorem in linear DC network. To study resonance in series LCR […]

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