Psychology department was established in the year 2013 with only Pass(General) course degree in the college. The department initially started with three guest lecturers. Presently 15 students are there in department for Pass (General) course.

Psychology as Honors course started in the year 2015, where classes commenced from 15th July 2015. Dr. Suchishmita Sinha (MSc. Ph.D.) is the Head of the Department. Two other lecturers are also present in the department. Madhabi Sarkar (MSc. SET) and Samata Saha (MSc. B.ED) are the two appointed lecturers in the department. The department is presently having strength of 27 students.

The department is presently having 3 laboratories, 2 for honors and 1 for pass degree course. The department is equipped with necessary apparatus meeting the demands of the students in several kinds of practical of their curriculum. The head is also in process of equipping the department with more apparatus so that the department can help the students with more apparatus.

The department also provides Counselling and Guidance for college students who are in distress or in need of academic counselling. Two days are allotted for counselling session and teachers are allotted with specific timings for the counselling session. The head regularly goes through the case study found during counselling sessions for specific diagnosis and thereby preventive techniques are adopted to help the students.

Likely to be said the Department do not act only as an area for knowledge acquisition and developing the students in the academic spheres, but the Department goes through each and every students to develop mentally, physically and modifying their behavior in overall aspect of life, aiming to make them as a good student with constructively defining their behavior to make them good citizen of the nation.

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