Ms. Sanghamitra Basu

Designation: Guest Lecturer

Qualification: M.Sc.

Teaching Experience: 1 year and 6 months



 Conducted twenty one surveys in’ SAGAR ISLAND’ as part of PhD Research programme from September 2016 to May 2018.
 Conducted 1 survey in ‘Gumti’ river in Tripura on April, 2017 as part of CSR project of thermal power station in south
 Performed analysis of various water quality parameters viz,(Phosphates, Silicates,Nitrites,Nitrates,Biological Oxygen Demand,
Chemical Oxygen Demand, Turbidity ,Dissolved Oxygen, Salinity And Conductance)
 Studies various zooplankton groups and estimated Density study of various groups.
 Doing Taxonomy of Copepods (Marine and Estuarine) in Zoological Survey of India.
1. Basu, Sanghamitra and Ghosh, A, K. 2016. Climate change, Role of Zooplankton and Impact in Higher Tropic Levels in
Indian Sundarban Delta, Indian Journal of Landscape and Ecosystems and Ecological Studies, 39(2):40-52.
2. Sanghamitra Basu, Chitra J, Subarna Bhattacharyya and A.K.Ghosh. 2016. Planning Research on Climate change and
Zooplankton Density and Diversity in Sagar