Mala Bose


Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D, Fellow of Helmintnological Society

Teaching Experience: 22 years

Teaching Module/Topic:



Course 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Honours Non-chordate (protozoa) structure, function & diversity, Hardy Weinberg Theorem. Cell & Molecular Biology, Biochemistry,Pedigree analysis, Parasitology Medical Zoology, Medical Entomology
General Protozoa, Evolution Cytogenetics



Academic Interest in: Medical Parasitology, Helminthology, Vector Biology and Microbiology

Research Experience: 5 years+ 2 years (M.R.P)+2 years(M.R.P)

Area of Research: Parasitology, Helminthology and Biochemistry


  1. Mechanism and Pathway of glucose transportation in a digenetic trematode Ceylonocotyle scoliocoelium Folia parasitologica 37: 151-156;
  2. Glycolytic enzyme in a trematode Ceylonocotyle scoliocoelium; Environment & Ecology 8 (i) : 459-460; 1990.
  3. Phosphatases in an Amphistome Trematode Ceylonocolyte scoliocoelium Environment & Ecology 8 (1) : 447-449; 1990
  4. Transaminases of an amphistome trematode Ceylonocotyle scoliocoelium; Environment and Ecology 7(4): 969-970; 1989.
  5. Trace elements in a nematode and a trematode species. Indian Journal of Helminthology.6(1), 9-12; 1989
  6. Some biochemical observation on the cuticle of Ascaridia galli ( Nematoda; Heterakidae), Indian Journal of Helminthology5(2), 47-49; 1988.
  7. Parasitoses and Zoonoses, NCBA, ISBN: 978-93-5255-048-7, 2017
  8. Cell Biology CBCS yet to publish by Techno World Publishing House.

Presented paper at various conferences held in various Universities  and Institutes like the University of Meerut, Kakatiya  University, Central Inland Capture Fisheries Research Institute, University of Calcutta, University of Kalyani, University of Burdwan

  1. Participated on various workshops, such as Food adulteration, Biotechnology, Aquaculture etc.  Completed two UGC-funded research projects on Children Health and Parasitic Infection.
  2. At present engaged in writing a book on various emerging infectious diseases  of present days and a second book on Undergraduate level.
  3. Member of UGBS, B.U.
  4. Life Member, Zoological Society, Kolkata.
  5. Fellow & Life Member, Helminthological Society of India.